IDEAs IN play

realized with fun: a vision

It’s a simple notion.

We do our best work by having fun playing with…

…creating and turning ideas into stories.

…developing narratives into different mediums and media.

…experimenting and tinkering away to find exciting ways a story can be told through emerging and innovative technologies.

In other words, we all have fun playing at TILTy.

TILTy Studios co. is owned by [Re]Design and has operated as TILTy since 2003. Since 1999 it has been the unofficial flag of our mission. Through collaboration and consulting, we strive toward building resources to grow our production capabilities and facilities sustainably. We continue to seek the best combination of our talents to incubate, develop and produce our own brand of stories and worlds as shows, games and toys, which we also do to help our clients realize their ideas beyond their expectations.

We developed TILTyMade™ and the Co-Lab by connecting and working with many incredible creatives, the franchises and brands that invited us to collaborate and consult for them, and our fans that have helped inform and shape us.

We strive towards working locally, and think and partner globally for a better future for creators, which is why we are excited to be nearing the completion of our first production Studio in Hamilton, Ontario!  

The hard work we put into our sense of play is worth it to us, as we aim to help make our dream for future fun and a better tomorrow become a reality for all to enjoy. 

To learn more about how you can get involved, join us on our social channels and drop us a line! 

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We are TILTy


A prolific writer who has written over 175 half-hours of animated and children’s programs in genres ranging from comedy to action-adventure, to preschool. He also serves as a Creative Producer, Executive Story Editor.


Matt is a solid strategic thinker and collaborator. His ideas never cease to amaze, inspire and communicate what’s being asked.


A creative development strategist and award-nominated writer who has worked in animation, comic books, high-end collectible toys, video games, intellectual property, and creative content development with industry leaders including: 

  • Bandai Namco Asia Company Ltd.
  • Bungie Inc.
  • Marvel Comics
  • Mighty Dynamo Inc.
  • National Geographic
  • Threezero (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Attila loves a great story and farts.